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Broadcast | Posted: August 16, 2005

FOX's Bill O'Reilly's interview from February 11, 2003

Personal Story Segment: Famous Sex Researcher Might Have Been Child Molester

Date: 02-11-2003; Publication: The O'Reilly Factor (Fox News Network); Author: Bill O'Reilly

This is a partial transcript from The O'Reilly Factor, February 11, 2003.

O'REILLY: In the "Personal Story" segment tonight, more sex controversy at Indiana University.

You may remember the porn dorm story we broke nationally, where a California dirty movie outlet shot scenes for a porn flick in an I.U. dormitory using students.

Now the school is celebrating the life of sex researcher Alfred Kinsey, who was affiliated with the university before his death in 1956.

One problem: some believe Kinsey was a child molester and indeed the North American Man Boy Love Association, NAMBLA, praises him for finding data that, quote, "supports the struggle we fight today," unquote.

Why is Indiana U. behind this guy? We don't know, as administrators refuse to speak.

Joining us now from Sacramento is Dr. Judith Reisman, the author of the book "Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences." All right. Now, does the university -- does Indiana University have anything to be ashamed of here, Doc?

DR. JUDITH REISMAN, "KINSEY: CRIME AND CONSEQUENCES:" Well, not only do they have a lot to be ashamed of, Bill, they have a lot to fear, because we're looking at a major legal criminal activity that took place at Indiana University that -- Kinsey's recruitment of pedophiles to sexually assault, to rape, to sodomize at least 317 if not 3,035 children.

The use of a Nazi SS officer from Germany as one of his key contributors to the great tome that he turned out called "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male." There's a lot of crime that took place, and this isn't me. This is -- this is straight out of either Kinsey's own work and his own words or straight out of the pedophile -- Kinsey's pedophile documents.

O'REILLY: All right. Then why does John Bancroft -- why does John Bancroft, the director of the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University -- he declined to come on the program, so we, you know, don't have much respect for him.

But why does he say that -- the Kinsey Institute has never carried out sexual experiments on children, either during Alfred Kinsey's time as director or since, and he flat out denies what you say. Is it a he said/she said?

REISMAN: No, I think it's something that belongs in a courtroom. I would love to put this in front of a jury and let them decide because the documentation speaks for itself.

Dr. Kinsey admitted that he used pedophiles and the Yorkshire television production -- which was acclaimed by the BBC, by the way -- that's called "Kinsey's Pedophiles" that was broadcast throughout Great Britain -- was never shown here, by the way -- proved quite conclusively that not only were pedophiles used for Kinsey's so-called research on children, but, indeed, they even found a Dr. Fitz Bon Valuczek (ph), a Nazi SS officer, who was one of Kinsey's contributors...

O'REILLY: All right, but let's -- let's get this down to the reality situation.


O'REILLY: Kinsey used children to do what?


O'REILLY: What did he use them for?

REISMAN: Kinsey used children to establish what he called normal sexuality. You know, his books launched the sexual revolution, and the basis of that sexual revolution was that human beings are sexual from womb to tomb, that children even -- Dr. Reinisch, the prior director of the Kinsey Institute, said children were even sexual inside the womb.

So the notion would be that, if children are so sexual so early, that, in fact, they can have sex with adults without any harm, and then that was...

O'REILLY: And do you believe that he actually...

REISMAN: ... one of Kinsey's...

O'REILLY: Do you believe that he actually allowed that to happen on the campus of Indiana University?

REISMAN: Well, that's where John Bancroft maybe has something to stand on, and that would be that it would have been off campus probably.

O'REILLY: But you believe that Kinsey...

REISMAN: ... although...

O'REILLY: ... under the aegis or the relationship of -- did those experiments, watched adults have sex with children? You believe he did?

REISMAN: Yes, I believe he did. As a matter of fact, the -- one of the pre-Kinsey directors, Dr. Gephard, said that a little girl -- he seems to recall that a woman brought her little child into the Kinsey Institute and at the Kinsey Institute conducted certain kinds of sexual activities the child did, while Kinsey watched...

O'REILLY: Do you think that...

REISMAN: ... but, beyond that -- it's much worse than that.

O'REILLY: All right. Do you think you could produce witnesses to testify to that 50 years later?

REISMAN: Oh, well, we have written documentation. Plus, we can - - we had -- as a matter of fact, "Kinsey's Pedophiles," the Yorkshire television production, had a woman, Esther (ph), who's still on camera, who was one of the victims of the Kinsey assault, whose father...

O'REILLY: Yes. So you feel confident that you would win in a court of law if the -- if some...

REISMAN: I am - I am so confident that I would -- we -- that the American public would win in a court of law that I have offered at any time to face the Kinsey Institute in a court of law.

O'REILLY: All right, Doctor. We appreciate it. Of course, Indiana University once again will not say anything. There's something very wrong at that university, by the way.

REISMAN: Yes, there is.

O'REILLY: Yes, there is.

Personal Story Segment: Famous Sex Researcher Might Have Been Child Molester
Date: 02-11-2003; Publication: The O'Reilly Factor (Fox News Network); Author: Bill O'Reilly

This is a partial transcript from The O'Reilly Factor, February 11, 2003.