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External Articles | Posted: December 31, 2004

The Straight White North

By Daniel Flynn

Activists in Canada are angry that a nationwide survey reports that only one percent of the nation's population is homosexual.

"Clearly, from a right-wing perspective, they'd like to see the numbers lower," sociologist Michael Botnick opined. "From the more libertarian perspective, they'd like to see the numbers more accurate, or higher."

Say what?

Botnick equates a "higher" count of homosexuals as necessarily more accurate. Other than his own ideological desires, on what does he base his claim?

As the Toronto Globe and Mail piece notes, "The 10-per-cent figure usually cited by the gay community comes from the research of Alfred Kinsey," whose 1948 report claimed that one in ten American males were homosexual.

If you polled the inhabitants of a YMCA sauna, you might arrive at conclusions similar to Kinsey's. But by employing valid sampling techniques to survey an entire population, no one but the strange Indiana University professor has ever found the percentage of homosexuals to rise above the low single digits.

Publicly, Alfred Kinsey presented himself as a stuffy scientist. Privately, he swapped wives, made porn movies in his attic, regularly masturbated with a toothbrush inserted in his urethra, and hung himself by his testicles.

Kinsey cooked the books for his surveys to rationalize his own perversions. About twenty percent of Kinsey's male sample group, for instance, were prison inmates, and a large chunk of the inmates--as all of his co-authors later admitted--were sex offenders. Judith Reisman exposed Kinsey as a fraud more than twenty years ago, but because his findings proved convenient for sexual anarchists they continue to use his statistics. Because academics and journalists still cite Kinsey approvingly, I devote a chapter in my forthcoming book, Intellectual Morons, to making the case against this nutty professor.

For gay activists, reality isn't as flattering as ideological "reality." A survey showing homosexuality to be a fetish practiced by a tiny minority automatically is denounced without examination. The long discredited Kinsey Reports, on the other hand, are held up as the height of science. When facts and ideology clash, the true believers discard facts every time.

This article is reprinted from Flynn Files.