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White Papers | Posted: December 31, 2004

Pre-2005 entries

Pre-2005 entries (needs updating):

Implications Of The Kinsey Reports On Child Custody Cases

The ALEC Report on Kinsey's Fraud

ALEC represents 2,400 State legislators across the nation.
April 2004



December 2003: Dr. Reisman's thesis--that pornographic images subvert the rational brain, thus Freedom of Speech--finally reached the US Supreme Court in the following "Brief of Members of Congress" (pp. 6-7)

The Psychopharmacology of Pictorial Pornography Restructuring Brain, Mind & Memory & Subverting Freedom of Speech [5MB Word Doc]
July 2003

EReliance Of The Catholic Church On Sexuality Advisors Whose Moral Foundation Differs Markedly From That Of The Church
Executive Summary [MS Word]
May 2002

"Parent's Curriculum Evaluator: How to Know if Kinseyan Based Sex-Education is in Your Child's Classroom" [PDF]

Crafting Bi/Homosexual Youth
Regent University Law Review[Acrobat PDF] [Vol. 14:283 2002]

"Kinsey and the Homosexual Revolution" -at Leadership U.
July 13, 2002

How the FBI and DOJ Minimize Child Sexual Abuse Reporting [Acrobat PDF]
July 2002

Presentation To The Council for National Policy, Boston Massachusetts:
How Junk Science Abolished Legal Protections for Women, & Children,
October 13, 2001

California Committee Hearing
State Board Of Education "Hate Crime" Legislation
August, 2000

The Toxic American Public Library: Violating Children With "Harmful Matter" "A Clear & Present Danger",
April 04, 2000

Government Mandated Universal Hepatitis B (Venereal disease) Vaccinations Of Normal American Infants And Children
[MS Word]
January 2000

The Reisman & Johnson Report
Excerpts Applied To
II: Homosexual "Marriage" & II: Homosexual "Hate Crimes" [MS Word]
August 1999

Fact Sheet for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) 
on Sports, Children, Drugs, Crime and Violence in Playboy Magazine

"KINSEY'S PAEDOPHILES" EXCERPTS FROM YORKSHIRE TELEVISION TRANSCRIPT OF INTERVIEW WITH DR CLARENCE TRIPP - Interview Concerning the upcoming film on Kinsey - reported by: Judith A Reisman, Ph.D. (May 5, 6 1998)

PARTNER SOLICITATION LANGUAGE - As a Reflection of Male Sexual Orientation
July 27, 1995