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External Articles | Posted: December 1, 2004

Hollywood Distortion: Sex, Lies, and Alfred Kinsey

Provocative New Book Exposes the Truth about "Scientist" Depicted in the Film Kinsey

Catholic Outreach

Another Hollywood Deception

Once again Hollywood is trying to hoodwink American moviegoers. On November 19th it will release Kinsey, a new film that glorifies the sordid life and work of Alfred C. Kinsey, the infamous sex researcher whose pseudo-scientific studies corrupted countless academics and paved the way for the sexual revolution of the 1960's. Starring Academy Award nominee Liam Neeson and a host of "A-list" Hollywood actors and actresses, the film has been called "provocative," "erotic" and "potentially controversial" by the liberal media elite. In its pre-production months Kinsey was called the "hottest script in town."

What Hollywood isn't telling the public is, well.very telling. The film portrays the life and work of a man who was almost single-handedly responsible for launching the Sexual Revolution in America, perpetuating massive child sexual abuse in the name of "science" and liberalizing laws against sexual crimes. His work has also negatively impacted two generations of students through amoral sex education.

Catholic Outreach Releases The Kinsey Corruption to Set the Record Straight

The Kinsey Corruption

This provocative book was written to publicize the truth about this man, who in two weeks will be lionized by the Hollywood elite. Based on twenty years of research from leading Kinsey critic Dr. Judith Reisman, award-winning journalist Susan Brinkman has authored this new book to point out the distortions and present the truth that is left untold by the new film. Sections of The Kinsey Corruption are in the same easy-to-read question-and-answer format that was so popular in Catholic Outreach's two previous books: A Guide to the Passion: 100 Questions About The Passion of The Christ and, most recently, The Five Issues That Matter Most: Catholics and the Upcoming Election.

In The Kinsey Corruption, you will learn:

  • That Kinsey's "research" led directly to the moral decline of our society.
  • That Kinsey's followers created the amoral sex education curriculum used in many of today's schools.
  • How Kinsey influenced the reduction of penalties for sex crimes.
  • How Kinsey presented the data collected from interviews with incarcerated sex offenders, criminals, and prostitutes as "normal" sexual behavior.

The film's director leaves out these facts and portrays Kinsey as a sexual liberator-as a visionary who helped free popular culture from its repressed sexuality. The truth is that Kinsey was instrumental in bringing about the widespread acceptance of perversity and immorality that exists today.

What the buzz doesn't tell us is that Liam Neeson was not the first actor to whom the role was offered. Hollywood darlings Russell Crowe, Tom Hanks, and George Clooney were approached but turned it down. Why? We'd like to believe they rejected the part out of sheer common sense. Dr. Judith Reisman has described the role as "hideously inaccurate and much like playing the monster Mengele as a mere controversial figure."

People of Faith and Morality Need to Challenge This Film

Hollywood has been stung by the results of Election Day 2004. In exit polls, many Americans cited moral issues as being the most important factor in determining who they voted for. We now need to deliver a clear message that the immorality corrupting our culture is driven by Hollywood entertainment product and will no longer be tolerated by the Catholic mainstream! We cannot sit by silently and allow the media elites to denigrate the Judeo-Christian ethic. In order to expose the dangerous distortions in the film Kinsey, it is crucial that we get this book into as many hands as possible. Catholic Outreach intends to hold Hollywood accountable in this way and provide Catholics with the facts!

The Kinsey Corruption is an indispensable tool for presenting the truth about Alfred Kinsey and his contribution to the "culture of death." This book holds the key to understanding the moral unraveling of America-and how this forty-year-old situation can be reversed in America's new values-oriented atmosphere.

Share copies with faith-based study groups, mail them to friends and family, or coordinate a distribution project at movie theaters in your city. This book has the potential to enlighten thousands who could easily be duped by the allure of a big Hollywood production! Let's work together to encourage Hollywood to abandon corrosive cultural agendas and return to producing more wholesome entertainment.