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External Articles | Posted: December 1, 2004

Corrupting the Culture - Even from the Grave Kinsey film doesn't tell the half of it

Catholic Outreach

Like a lion stalking its prey, Hollywood has remained eerily quiet about the film Kinsey: Let's Talk About Sex, even though it premieres tomorrow night in Hollywood and New York City. (The nationwide release will be next Friday, November 19).

The film, starring Liam Neeson as the notorious sex researcher Alfred Kinsey, is the latest attempt by the liberal media elite to trash Judeo-Christian values and glorify sexual perversion. Kinsey is a full-frontal assault on God's plan for human sexuality.

Beginning with a sordid, semi-veiled scene of a man masturbating, Kinsey seeks to paint an admirable picture of the ivory-tower academic who ushered in the sexual revolution of the 1960's. Some of your family members and friends could be among the hundreds of thousands of moviegoers who may be taken in by the lie that Christian morality is outdated and repressive.

Curiously, we have not seen the film heavily promoted in recent weeks. Some Christian commentators suspect that this is because its producers want to catch the public off-guard so as not to give protesters a chance to organize.

Americans must be alerted to the insidious forces working to undermine the values that traditional families hold dear.

Get a Load of the Movie Trailer

If you have a few minutes, check out the Kinsey homepage. There you can view the trailer and video clips, and hear what Bill Condon, the film's openly homosexual director, has to say about his blatantly hedonistic "bio-pic."

To call attention to the misinformation and outright distortions in the film, Catholic Outreach has just published The Kinsey Corruption: An Exposé on the Most Influential "Scientist" of Our Time. This book uncovers the truth about Kinsey and the criminal sexual acts he condoned as part of his "research" at Indiana University. Its compact size makes it perfect for giving out to family, friends, parishioners, teachers, etc.

College Campuses Be Warned

The Kinsey CorruptionScreenings of Kinsey are scheduled at college campuses throughout the country. Can you imagine the damage that will be done when young people watch "A-list" stars like Liam Neeson, Chris O'Donnell, and Laura Linney lending their talents to an infomercial for licentiousness and sexual "freedom"?

Please help us spread the word. Purchase our new book, The Kinsey Corruption, at bulk discount rates (as low as 90 cents each) and pass copies along to family members, teachers, and fellow parishioners.

Besides providing resources that counter the film's distorted portrayal of Kinsey's life and work, Catholic Outreach is also organizing protests at movie premieres in Dallas, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Boise, Salt Lake City, New York City, and California, among other places.