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Reisman Articles | Posted: July 23, 2003

Lawmakers Should Defund Crank University Programs

By Judith Reisman

Do you wonder why college students now "study" pornographic films in the classroom? Why the media pretend doctors can actually change a person's sex with a scalpel? Or why the American Psychiatric Association (APA) is now discussing whether to drop "adult-child sex" from its diagnostic manual of disorders, just as it dropped homosexuality in 1973?

The answer is simple: since at least the 1920s, most of America's tax-supported universities have sponsored shocking amounts of fraudulent, crank research and teaching, mainly to support an atheistic, left-wing ideological agenda.

A prime example is the "field" of sexology, which is based entirely on Prof. Alfred Kinsey's "sexual research," now exposed as a blatant statistical fraud. Worse, his "research" was criminal, because it involved raping, sodomizing and otherwise sexually torturing hundreds of infants and children in order to prove his notion that "children are sexual from birth," which is the cornerstone of today's sex education.

Crank ideology has infiltrated other disciplines as well. The "soft" sciences influence how teachers present the findings of "hard" science in our schools, and how the media report these revelations to the public. Yet when hard science gives birth to discoveries that tend to confirm orthodox Christian beliefs, ideologues on our campuses and in the media strangle those findings in the crib.

For example soft-science professors and university-trained journalists are suppressing startling new discoveries in physics, such as the growing evidence that intelligent life probably exists on only one planet in the universe. Peter Ward and Donald Brownlee, authors of Rare Earth, and other cutting-edge physicists, have reported these scientific findings.

Did you know science now says time itself had a beginning (in the Big Bang), time is finite, and the universe was created literally out of nothing? Obviously, these findings have tremendous implications for the public's worldview: as physicists Hugh Ross and Stephen M. Barr contend, the universe appears to have been created for man.

But the soft sciences and the reporters they educated rarely tell the public about these sensational findings, and educators appear almost totally ignorant of them. Soft-science professors seem afraid of what this knowledge might do to their secular worldview. And they perpetuate their worldview as the dominant one, by hiring only their intellectual clones to teach. It is no coincidence that 95% of soft-science professors are Democrats.

We have personally seen academics purge professed Christians and conservatives from doctoral programs. Instead, they hire hard-left professors who still teach the discredited sexual theories of Kinsey, anthropologist Margaret Mead and educational psychologist Lawrence Kohlberg. Their "scientific findings" dominate what Americans are taught about sex to this day, the superiority of "primitive" societies, and how our young people "clarify" their values.

No members of the disinformation industry ensconced in our universities have damaged more lives than the sexologists. After 50 years of Kinsey-spawned sexology and sex education, every leading indicator of sexual pathology has soared. Rape, rape-murder, sex crimes of all kinds, sex diseases, abortion, divorce and illegitimacy are at civilization-threatening levels.

When America's cultural elite gave Judeo-Christian sexual ethics the boot, the sexologists spread their anything-goes values throughout education, the media, law, entertainment--the whole culture. They could not have done so if liberal-left university presidents had not hired the crank professors, funded them with our tax dollars and sheltered their programs.

It's high time Congress and the administration cut off federal funds to campuses and "sexuality institutes" that harbor these frauds, and stop giving grants to teachers to attend their sex courses. State and local legislators should follow suit.

What's more, lawmakers should strip these institutions of their authority to give sexology credentials to people. It's also time for scholars and conservative legal groups to sue the university presidents who discriminate against Christians and conservatives in hiring. They need to start with Indiana University, the home of the bogus Kinsey Institute.

In fact, in a narrow 212-219 defeat, conservative legislators, led by Rep. Pat Toomey, (R-Pa.), almost derailed four sex grants expected to total $1.4 million for next year, sponsored by the National Institutes of Health. Too bad someone wasn't there to testify to the child sexual torture perpetrated by pedophiles and defended as "sex science" since 1948 by the infamous Kinsey Institute. Toomey's office reported that next year's four grants are:

  • Mood arousal and sexual risk taking, $237,000, carried out by the infamous Kinsey Institute at Indiana University in Bloomington, Ind.
  • Sexual habits of older men, $69,000, at New England Research Institutes Inc. in Watertown, Mass.
  • Drug use and HIV-related behavior by San Francisco's Asian prostitutes/masseuses, $641,000, University of California-San Francisco's Department of Medicine.
  • American Indian and Alaskan Native lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and "two-spirited individuals," $500,000, University of Washington in Seattle.

The fun began July 11 at a sex "arousal" confab supported by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development at the Kinsey Institute, playing back to back with another pedophile-friendly sex confab that ends on July 19. It is only right that both events are held at the font of pedophile-friendly Indiana University's Kinsey Institute.

Since Toomey is challenging Sen. Arlen Specter (R.-Pa.) for the GOP Senate nomination next year. A little reminiscing is in order here.

Sen. Specter was chairman during two of three congressional investigations of Dr. Reisman's embattled U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention study of children in "soft" pornography.

(In this lofty capacity, on May 7, 1985, Sen. Specter--allegedly a child advocate--was handed a "Chester the Molester" Hustler cartoon as an example of cartoon propaganda encouraging child sexual abuse. Specter studied the "Molester" cartoon and authoritatively dismissed the modeling of a sex crime by saying [for the press] that, "There is not a touching here." Chester, snorkeling underwater in the ocean, was gleefully reaching between a little girl's legs. In fact, Dwaine Tinsley, the "Molester" cartoonist, was convicted years later of child sexual abuse.)

We need legislators who care more about kids than they do about media approval.

Like the crank professors who taught Nazi racial "science" and their Soviet counterparts who taught the "scientific" monstrosity of Lysenkoism, the sexologists and other academic frauds must go.

Let's start the clean up now by resurrecting the 1995 plan for a congressional investigation of the Kinsey Institute for crimes against children. Kinsey's little torture victims, our young people, and we taxpayers, deserve no less.