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External Articles | Posted: January 14, 2003

Catholic Church Advised To Sue 'Sex-Experts' Who Counseled Pedophile Priests

By, January 14, 2003

NEW YORK - Dr. Judith Reisman, Ph. D., the researcher who uncovered the fraud underpinning the field of sexology created by Dr. Alfred Kinsey, has advised the Catholic Church to sue the so-called sex "experts" who advised the Bishops and allegedly "treated" sex abuser priests. An article by the Catholic Citizens of Illinois and The Wanderer Press points out that Reisman believes that the 'treatments' given to predator priests in Kinsey-inspired therapy sessions were so grossly ineffective, that the Catholic Church and the victims of clerical sexual abuse have a legal claim against these sex clinics for medical malpractice.

As LifeSite has previously reported, Reisman's research revealed that Kinsey used pedophiles to come up with data on sex experiences of children aged two and under. Moreover, Kinsey used data from prostitutes and prisoners and extrapolated the results to the general populace.  His research, relatively recently debunked by Reisman, was the spur to the devastating Sexual Revolution of the Sixties.  Dr. Reisman noted that, "the members of the Catholic Church have a unique opportunity during this catastrophic challenge to help the entire nation to pull itself out of the very tragic place it has fallen into." In addition to a catastrophic loss of faith within the Church hierarchy, the hidden source of the current child sexual abuse scandal "is the constant stream of immorality in the media and popular culture that has polluted the nation and the Church. The main source of the sexual scandal today is Dr. Kinsey's sexual revolution."

Dr. Reisman is currently consulting with several attorneys regarding class action suits whereby the Catholic laity can seek damages from such sex therapists.  Moreover she has developed a proposal mapping out the legal strategy for suing the "treatment centers" that accepted predatory priests fraudulently promising to rehabilitate them, which has been submitted to Pope John Paul II.  Reisman noted that legal precedence for culpability of therapists for fraudulent malpractice has already established by a $5.7 million award in 1984 against one such center, which had established a record for treating and releasing sexual predators who continued to prey on children after they had been allegedly "cured."

Finally, Dr. Reisman warns that the influence of Kinsey's fraudulent research pervade society and even the Church. She notes that Catholic school sex-education classes and seminary training on sexual matters are often products of Kinsey's followers.  Regrettably, even some of the advisors which were appointed to the oversight board regarding the recent sexual abuse scandal are adherents of Kinsey.

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