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External Articles | Posted: June 25, 1998


By Tim A. Meshginpoosh
June 25, 1998

If Congress does not pursue an investigation of the Kinsey Institute, then they should call off the Whitewater and Monica Lewinsky investigations. Dr. Judith Reisman has meticulously exposed this saddest chapter in American academic history in her new book Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences. While Hitler and his ilk were torturing Jewish children in sadistic medical experiments, former Indiana University zoology professor Alfred Kinsey did the same thing to over hundreds of American children, at taxpayer expense.

While former Kinsey co-researchers Wardell Pomeroy and Paul Gebhard attempt to put a positive spin on Kinsey, Reisman exposes him for who he was: a fraudulent scientist obsessed with adultery, homosexuality, sadomasochism, and compulsive masturbation. His research was shoddy at best and criminal at worst.

Let's suppose a professor--wishing to study human sexuality--oversaw the rape of over 300 women for the purpose of analyzing their responses. Imagine the rightful outcry from the feminist establishment!

This is exactly why the liberal silence on Kinsey sex studies is puzzling: Dr. Kinsey oversaw the molestation of over 300 children. Keep in mind that this very "research" served as the basis for Kinsey's twofold gospel of sexology: Sexuality in the Human Male (1948) and Sexuality in the Human Female (1953).

Meanwhile, Pomeroy and Gebhard continue to defend their former boss, shamelessly admitting their coercion of infants and children in their "orgasm" experiments. Reisman points out that in Happy Day v. Kentucky, Pomeroy admitted--under oath--to seeking funding from the pornography industry to produce his own child pornography. Pomeroy, a board member of Penthouse Forum Variations, has written articles promoting incest and adult-child sex. Gebhard--in an interview with Penthouse--deemed incest as harmless.

Both Gebhard and Pomeroy have allowed their fantasies to exacerbate their ignorance: the British Medical Journal has published studies reflecting that over 50% of children born of incest are diseased, stillborn, or mentally retarded.

The Kinsey studies are empirically worthless. With astounding insight, Reisman shows that at least 86% of Kinsey's male interviewees were sexual deviants, many of them convicted sex offenders. He left out nearly 25% of his female interviewees. His interviews completely neglected married, monogamous, heterosexual couples; his research was overwhelmingly stacked with homosexuals, pedophiles, and other degenerates.

Of course, given Kinsey's own perversions--sadistic masturbation, wife swapping, homosexuality, orgies, and sadomasochism--one should not be surprised at his "results". Kinsey was no scientist; he was a pervert with a PhD who slam-dunked his amoral agenda on America under the guise of science, funded by the American taxpayer and the likes of Playboy.

To make matters worse, the academic world has treated Kinsey with kid gloves. Kinsey's studies--although severely criticized by the American Statistical Association--went virtually uncontested among scientists. Dr. Reisman's original expose' on Kinsey--presented in Jerusalem in 1981--was largely condemned by the sexology community even though she merely presented Kinsey's own data, which includes Table 34 (data on infant/child orgasms).

Could it be that Team Kinsey--for all their crime and fraud--gave the academic world the results they wanted? Did Kinsey merely validate the perversions of America's scholarly elite?

Perhaps the resistance to investigate and Kinsey's atrocities stems from a fear of the consequences: to repudiate the Kinsey studies now would require a reversal of many cherished mantras accepted and worshipped by the academic, scientific, and legal communities.

The damage wrought by the Kinsey reports has been staggering. Many Americans complain why rapists and child molesters often receive light sentences. Answer: Kinsey. The legal community used his studies to re-engineer the Model Penal Code. End result: habitual sex offenders--such as Jesse Timmendequas--are given multiple opportunities to terrorize women and children. Joycelyn Elders' masturbatory agenda for childhood sex education was nothing new: Kinsey would have children engaging in sex before kindergarten!

After 50 years of denial and coverups by Pomeroy and Gebhard, Reisman has given ample cause to investigate the Kinsey Institute and Indiana University. Americans have the right, and obligation, to confront the truth and bury Kinsey's studies with their perverted mastermind.

At Nuremburg, we rightfully prosecuted scientists for committing criminal acts in the name of research; the time has come to hold Kinsey and his living associates--Gebhard and Pomeroy--to that same standard of justice.

It is time for Congress to make HR 2749--a bill calling for a public investigation of the Kinsey Institute--a top priority.